Mutiple if's with formulas?

Apple / Powermac8
February 14, 2011 at 13:44:38
Specs: Macintosh OS X, 1.8 GHz/1.25 GB
I am using Excel 2004 for MAC on a Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 system. iMac G5 PowerMac8, 1

I have multiple "if" functions for one cell along with a is what I'm trying to do:

If b7/b6<.85, then b7*0, however
if b7/b6>.85 but <=.89, then b7*.5, however
if b7/b6 >=.9 but <=.94, then b7*1, however
if b7/b6 >=.95 but <=.99, then b7*2

and so do I do this with all the greater than and equal to and multiple if's?

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February 14, 2011 at 14:22:15
=IF(B7/B6 < .85, 0, IF(AND(B7/B6 > .85, B7/B6 <= .9), B7*.5, IF(AND(etc.

2 things to keep in mind:

1 - I don't see a desired result for B7/B6 = .85
2 - If 2004 on a Mac is similar to 2003 on a Windows machine, then you are going to be limited to 7 Nested IF's.

Once you get above 7, you'll need to try a different technique, such as VLOOKUP.

Even before you get to 7 Nested IF's, a VLOOKUP table might be a better solution. With a VLOOKUP table you could change your criteria (.85, .9, etc) by changing the table, instead of editing the formula. This is especially useful if you will replicating the long Nested IF formula across multiple cells.

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