MS Word 2000 won't open or save documents

May 27, 2011 at 15:18:12
Specs: Windows XP PRO, Pentium 4 80GB 512 MB RAM
I have a question for you. I am totally stumped.
Yesterday when I was working on my resume, I started getting this message when I tried to save anything in Word, as well as open anything.
"Word has Insufficient Memory. Do you want to save Resume as Rescued Document one?" If I say yes, it saves it, by default, in my Documents as Rescued Document one.

I am totally stumped. I tried to call Larry & Ann and neither of them has a clue. I have tried Defrags, Dick cleanups, I ran Avast for viruses and it found 5 low threat ones that I put in the virus chest but it did nothing. I checked my drives for memory and drive C: has 59.2 GB of free space memory on it and drive F: has 114 GB free space memory. I don't have Insufficient memory anywhere. I don't get it.

I tried to uninstall Office 2000 last night so it was removed and then I reinstalled it thinking maybe there was a bad file or I changed a setting and this would reset it to default, but it still gives me the same message. No change. I went on the web last night also & checked Microsoft answers as well as and they keep talking about a virus called Nimda worm virus.

They say These symptoms can be caused by the Nimda worm virus (W32/Nimda@MM, W32.Nimda.A@mm, or its variants). Article # Q308360. (
It says to run anti virus software. I did, the Full System scan, that takes a long time, but I find nothing there. I have ran Avast as well as Malware Bytes. Both with no results. I also tried to clean out all of the Temporary Internet files in the system properties.

I have never has this problem with any Microsoft product before. I can't see low memory anywhere. What am I missing? Virtual Memory, Cache or something?
I also tried restarting the computer several times as well as just shutting it down for a couple of hours to try and clear out the 512 MB of Ram. Please shed some light.

You know that I have Microsoft Office 2000 as well as Microsoft Home & Student Office 2007 both installed for a long time. Since I met Ann. Ann uses one and I use the other. Never has been a problem.
If I open my resume in Office 2007, it will open and save ok, but not in 2000. It makes no sense. I don't want to just delete 2000 and use 2007 because I want to know why it is doing this.
What happens if 2007 starts doing it too? Then I have no Idea where to look.

I was doing a s---load of Coping and Pasting when I was doing my Resume. I always do and have. Then it started doing it like I was out of Ram or something.
I can see if both 2000 and 2007 were doing the same thing, but not just one. With all of your years, you must have seen this Scenario before or something like it.
Please shed some light, if you can.

I would be grateful.......


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May 27, 2011 at 16:17:48
I was doing a s---load of Coping and Pasting

See if this helps:


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