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February 2, 2015 at 14:46:12
Specs: Windows XP, 2gb
I have an XP laptop running Office 2010.
I'm seriously considering purchasing a tablet for convenience of use, and more secure OS.
I use MS Outlook extensively, and Word and Excel. I have large volumes of files stored in My Documents, particularly My Pictures and My Music. I have a large number of emails stored in relevant folders, and I have a large number of email addressees (contacts).
If I purchase a tablet (iOS or Android), will I be able to install MS Office on it, and will I be able to transfer all the aforementioned files/data to it ?

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February 5, 2015 at 01:50:29
See this link and the information in the list of additional questions.

M$ seem pretty clear it's compatible with win-8.x?

February 2, 2015 at 15:14:40
Don't know about the Android... But for iPad there is now a viewer app for MS Word (freebie). There are also (rather) basic equivalents to Word and Excel (Pages and Numbers) which allow some functionality similar to the Word/Excel apps - but not as complete.

As best I know there isn't a full blown Office equivalent for the iPad.

My advice would be get a 13 ins laptop proper; convenient to travel with, and the benefits of proper computer. iPads and the like (Android) are really mobile browsers... You can always attach an external (larger) display to a smaller screen laptop, and also of course a usb keyboard and rodent...

There are laptops about that will "transform" (rotate the display) into a tablet style viewing posn. etc. Dell, HP have them... Avoid the dreaded netbooks though.

Apple's Macbooks are good - but not cheap. Also the current models do not allow "any" upgrades of RAM or hard drive... So you are forced to pay up front (Apple's inflated prices) for higher levels of RAM etc..

I would never use or rely on any tablet as my main system; nor store much on one either... And regardless what system(s) I might have, I would ensure data etc. Is safely duplicated elsewhere -at all times.typically dvd, but an external hard drive if possible; even a simple (2 drivers mirrored) NAS as well...

I have an older Macbook Pro (it can be upgraded etc. by me); an iPad; and a one year old Mac Mini (also upgradeable - unlike current models). Also have a elderly Aspire...

Like many I will watch to see if Apple reverts to unsealed systems anon; as likely their current designs are not popular overall - due to being non upgradeable... Somehow I suspect Apple will offer to proverbial two finger salute though...

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February 2, 2015 at 15:39:21
Thanks, trvlr.
I do have a large external hard drive to which I back up regularly.
As for the availability of MS Office on a tablet, does this link mean anything in that regard ? -
Would you mind elaborating on why you would never rely on a tablet as your main system ?
I'm a retired 67yo grandfather, not particularly clued up in regard to computers. But I'm trying to find something that's really convenient for me to carry around with me, and which can hold all the data that I always want at my fingertips. Perhaps your idea of a smaller laptop is a good one. But I don't want to have to spend again on MS Office.

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February 4, 2015 at 05:08:58
Hi Graeme:

The link you posted above doesn't appear to work at present? But it did prompt me to go looking as it were; came across this as a consequence /(one of many similar links..)...

Ignoring the above link/info for the moment..

My feeling is that tablets (iPads at least) suffer from the lack of a rodent function; and the on-screen keyboard is (I feel) cumbersome at times, and not as user friendly as keyboard proper. The keyboard issue of course can be dealt with via "bluetoof" connection.

Tablets are (to my mind at least) more vulnerable to physical damage than say the average laptop? Also they are truly closed systems (the current iPads are - no experience with an Android or similar) Impossible to replace upgrade components at all - although "some" replacements may be possible with an iPad - via Apple tech support - for price); again no experience with Android etc.

The lack of a dvd drive is also another item...; and gain Apple have now dropped that from their current MacbookPro series at least...

I dislike the whole concept of paying yearly subscriptions for software such as M$ Office... For me that is non-starter; and just another way for M$ to make more money from end users, and increase the prices no doubt in the future...

Equally dislike the whole idea of on-line access only for an Office suite (or other software); prefer to have software installed locally...

There are free office suites out there that can handle standard M$ Office formats OK; can import/export etc. easily - and as I say are "free".

Open Office, Office Libre are two that come to mind; I have a chum (long retired IT director) who uses Open Office quite happily. It won't handle the .docx format well (if at all) but is OK with standard .doc format. And I send just about everything I create out to whomever in .doc - not. docx; so as to avoid the whole .docx issue.

You do not have to buy another copy of your current Office suite; unless it's really getting on. Certainly Office2010 will run on win-7 and possibly win-8x (but that latter may require some verification).

Office-XP\Outlook has a problem remembering account passwords in won-7 - see the above link on this...

for Office-XP on win-8 see:

You can install Office on two computers... M$ appears to have changed its policy in that regard - allowing the same copy on your "main/office" desktop/tower system; and also on the portable (laptop system..) home/travel system. As many are now using laptops in the office too - this logically allows it on two laptops... But no more than that...; and not a desktop and more than one laptop either.. There are multiple licenses for that if required... The dual installation just above does require the same user details if I remember correctly;otherwise likely it will fail?.

Equally you could install it afresh on your "new" computer and simply ignore/disable/delete the original installation. If per chance you have a copy of Office they won't activate alongside the current installation... then install (current) Office suite on the new computer, and install Open Office etc. on the old - or visa-versa?

A small screen (13inch no larger) laptop is more than "enuff" to travel with...; and you can simply connect a larger display when chez-bvous - for ease of viewing; and even an external keyboard/rodent too? I ran my 13ins Macbook Pro that way for two years before buying a Mac Mini and attaching to the display previously used with my Macbook. That same display previously was attached to my 15ins Acer Aspire (2005 vintage running XP...), which I still have... The Aspire was bulky to travel with. whereas the 13ins Macbook is so much more convenient.

T\blets are to my mind essentially mobile browsing units; with email facilities various; some very useful apps various too... But still not (to my mind) really as flexible and so on as a laptop/desktop/tower... I would research a smallish laptop... and go that way. But read the reviews by end users too; as well as the alleged "pro" reviews... before any purchase. Amazon comments are often useful, may be the Consumer Report (N. Am) and /Which (UK); but I tend to rely more on the pro reviews and end users...

Touch screen technology is still for me not a good as a proper keyboard/rodent etc... And I have used the touch screen technology in my professional life with varying results and levels of satisfaction. I've had more problems and errors with touch screen systems than with conventional... Also one pays more for touch screen functionality... ;that being targeted at the younger crowd too - gamers, text freaks etc...

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February 4, 2015 at 14:42:05
Thanks, trvlr, I see where you're coming from.
If I were to purchase a laptop, with dvd and, say, Windows 8.1, would I be able to install my MS Offiice 2010 on it ?

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February 5, 2015 at 01:50:29
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See this link and the information in the list of additional questions.

M$ seem pretty clear it's compatible with win-8.x?

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February 5, 2015 at 13:37:25
Thanks, trvlr.
I have no concerns about compatibility. My inquiry is as to whether I can "transfer" my Office 2010 from my current laptop to another.

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February 5, 2015 at 15:04:15
You can't transfer in the sense that you select and copy the whole installation of Office 2010 to your new computer; but you can in effect install it afresh on another (new?) computer; and (re-)activate there. (There are innumerable registry entries alone to accommodate in that regard; and also you'd be going between two different versions of windows... Let alone a whole host of other problems a simple select/copy/paste routine would entail...)

You can copy the full installation software package (downloaded as it were to the hard drive, or copied there from a cd/dvd) for "many" programmes from a given computer to another and then run setup etc. off the hard drive; but I've never tried that with Office suites... This is much as one might do if downloading off the web to one computer and wishing to install on another; one would copy the download to the other variously... I've done that with small useful apps/utilities, but not for something like Office...

As I mentioned earlier M$ appear now to allow two installations of the same software, using the "same" user verification/credentials for both installations. You cannot install it one two (or more..) computers using "different" credentials for each. They must be the same (identical) on both computers.

The change being that one computer might be the Office/Business installation, and the other the Out of Office/home laptop as it were... (My earlier description is likely clearer on this aspect.)

Hope this clarifies it for you; and sorry if I misinterpreted your #4 post.

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