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October 30, 2012 at 17:01:11
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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone will have the answer to this question. I have a spreadsheet with over 8000 rows of data. One of the column headings is Unit and the other is Result. Obviously all the data runs vertically down the sheet. I need to take these columns and somehow move them into a new spreadsheet HORIZONTALLY in rows not columns...

Is there anyway of doing this???

example - Current view

Name Unit Result
Joe 1 Pass
Joe 2 Fail
Joe 3 Pass

I need it to look like this

Name Unit Result Unit Result Unit Result etc
Joe 1 Pass 2 Fail 3 Pass

Looking forward to hearing of any solutions to this problem~!


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November 5, 2012 at 06:43:21
Push CTRL+A (Mark All), CTRL+C (Copy)
Create a new sheet.
Right Click, point at paste special and then select the one called Transpose.

Here is what it did to me:

Hej Ole
43 443
5434 54345
53 6465
6365 355
45454 746767
34554 5885
654656 4645
75 34535

Hej 43 5434 53 6365 45454 34554 654656 75
Ole 443 54345 6465 355 746767 5885 4645 34535

Hope this helped! If you want the text above, then manually enter it 6 times, then mark it and use the little black dot to drag it further. Know its a pain to do with 8k columns....


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November 5, 2012 at 11:31:34
The OP does not have 2 columns with names as headers, he has 3 columns with names in Column A and other data in the other 2 columns.

A simple PasteSpecial...Transpose will not get him the results he is looking for.

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