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December 5, 2012 at 09:59:32
Specs: Windows 7
hi .. i have some text which i scanned from a book.. and retrieved by OCR .. i have to add (br) with the triangle shaped bracket which its not allowing me to write here..
at the end of every line.. the text is as follows..

For all has pleasant and supportive demeanor, this would

be an awkward meeting for all three participants. Doris had

erred. probably rather badly, he thought. Meyer recognized

that, trying not to dwell on it in a punitive way. The

really important thing was that the prodigal had returned,

and if tons had spent If is time on earth for any reason,

that parable contained it all in just a few verses. All of

Christianity in a single story. No matter how grave one's

misdeeds might be, there would always be a welcome for

those with the courage to return.

the problem is .. i want the text to be continuos.. i mean.. this are all new lines.. i want this text to be line one full paragraph.. How do i do that in Microsoft Word.. actually i need this to be in Notepad as .txt format.. but even if i copy from Word to Notepad.. it still is pasted as different line vertically.. i want it to go as long as notepad allows.. like continous.. i hope you know wt i mean.. thanks a lot..

PS : at the end of EACH LINE .. i have to add (br) with the Left Right BRacket next to the Letter M on the keyboard.
.. thats the reason i need them to be different lines in the first place.. the (br)
not showing here when i pasted it with those brackets

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December 5, 2012 at 10:17:32
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Not sure I understand all that you want to do,
but to get one long continuous line try this:

In Word,

Select All your text
Next, on the Ribbon,
Select the Home Tab
Select Replace (on the far right side)

In the Find What: box enter: ^p
(That is the up arrow, above the number 6
and the letter P)
In the Replace With: box leave blank

Select Replace All

You should now have one long line of text.


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