major excel workbook with a huge number of formulas

June 26, 2013 at 10:46:59
Specs: Windows 8 tablet, P4- 2.8 ghz 22 gb
I'm hoping to find an excel guru and I'm hoping to be able explain my situation.

I have a workbook that keeps track of employee time and equipment used
There are several tabs along the bottom
The two tabs on the left, one is for employee information and one tab is for equipment information
In the Employee tab, there are formulas to calculate regular hour pay and overtime pay and there are "alerts" that when you enter a date that is a sunday, it automatically changes the pay fields to a red background fill color to notify the person inputting data that all time entered on that day is overtime.
It is very complex with numerous formulas and calculations and notifications.
There are drop down menu selections for the type of employee and for other selections to.
Also in the employee and equipment sheets are columns of data. These columns are represented as A-N and they refer to job sites that an employee would be at.

So, for an example, in the Employee tab, you type in Joe's name... and in Column A, (certain job location) you would type in the number of hours worked, overtime hours and subsistence pay. Those column's correspond with tabs along the bottom of the sheet name A to N... which would be the certain job location.

Therefore you could observe your employee in the employees tab and the job location information from the A-N tabs.

So, I've been asked to add some additional tabs... O,P,Q and R.
Adding the tabs was a sinche
Now in the employee's tab, I have to add some additional columns and they have to do the same thing that the existing columns do... like the same mathematical calculations and such.

I thought I could simply highlight the headers of an existing column and right click and select "copy", then go to the first blank column on the right and select paste.

Although I now have column's O,P,Q, and R, and I have corresponding tabs, when I type data into any of the new columns, I do not see any data in the corresponding tab

I really really need some help.

Thank you

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June 26, 2013 at 13:18:52
If you have sheets that automagically "duplicate" data when you enter it in a different sheet, then it sounds to me like there might be some VBA code (a macro) running in the background.

If you go to one of the Job Location sheets and click on a cell that contains data that automagically appeared when you entered it in the Employee sheet, what do you see?

If you see only data and not a formula, then my guess is that you have some VBA running that monitors the Employee sheet, and based a some criteria, decides which sheets to copy the data to.

If you see a formula in that cell, then that's how the new data get there.

In either case, simply creating new tabs, with no formulas or without editing the VBA to recognize those sheets, won't make the data get copied.

Another way to tell if you (possibly) have some VBA code is as follows: What is the file extension of the workbook. If you are running 2007 or later and the filetype is .xlsm or .xlsb then it's possible that you've got some VBA code built into the workbook. If the filetype is .xlsx then there won't be any macros involved.

If you are running 2003, then the file type is probably .xls and there may or may not be macros involved. You can't tell when there's an .xls filetype.

Let us know what you find.

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