Macro to create worksheets based on names and data

February 14, 2012 at 23:55:11
Specs: Excel 2007

Was wondering if any one can help on this. I need a macro to do the below:

Name Acc
ABC 123
ABC 345
ABC 456
BCD 321
EFG 543
BCD 531
ABC 789
BCD 654

Expected results:
New excel tabs with names as <ABC>, <BCD>, <EFG> and the relevant acc numbers.

Thanks in advance!

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February 16, 2012 at 01:46:42
Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry I have not provided enough information to work on.
I realised that the previous solution will give me too many tabs to refer to.

I have 22 columns in my data list. For every name, there is an account number. Account numbers are unique but names are not. I am trying to consolidate all account numbers for a name into a single row.

So I will need a macro that will create a new sheet based on the existing data. The new sheet should only show a single row for each name, with all the account numbers.

No. (col C) Name (Col D)
12345678 AAA
23456789 BBB
34567890 BBB
01234567 BBB

No. Name
12345678 AAA
23456789 BBB (all the acct nos on a single row)

General idea for this is to copy the new worksheet into Microsoft Sharepoint so that email notifications can be sent out the names involved (in order to reduce the no. of emails sent, I need to consolidate the accounts into one row).

Let me know if more information is required and thank you for spending time on this.

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