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April 18, 2010 at 09:54:19
Specs: Windows Vista
I need to get this data from a row to column
SchenectadySenator Breslin
$100,000.00SFY 2009-2010
Recipient : Wildwood Programs, Inc.
Project Description : toward building
improvements at the Wildwood Programs
Latham Office Building 
Registered Agency : MRDD 
Full Name : Mary Ann Allen, Esq. 
Address : 2995 Curry Rd.
Ext.,Schenectady,New York,12306, 
Phone Number : 518-836-2311
and loop it because there is more data

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April 18, 2010 at 09:55:05
It needs to be a macro in excel. this would go down in a row from a1 to a8 and it needs to go a1 to h1

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April 18, 2010 at 12:13:56

Select all the data - you suggest that you have data in several rows, so copy all rows containing your data
Select an empty cell with no data below it.
Right-click and select Paste Special...
Check 'Transpose'
Then click OK

Then delete the original and move the transposed data up to start at row 1 as required.

This sample data:

	A	B	C	D	E	F	G	H
1	A1	B1	C1	D1	E1	F1	G1	H1
2	A2	B2	C2	D2	E2	F2	G2	H2
3	A3	B3	C3	D3	E3	F3	G3	H3
4	A4	B4	C4	D4	E4	F4	G4	H4
5	A5	B5	C5	D5	E5	F5	G5	H5

becomes this:
	A	B	C	D	E
1	A1	A2	A3	A4	A5
2	B1	B2	B3	B4	B5
3	C1	C2	C3	C4	C5
4	D1	D2	D3	D4	D5
5	E1	E2	E3	E4	E5
6	F1	F2	F3	F4	F5
7	G1	G2	G3	G4	G5
8	H1	H2	H3	H4	H5


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