Solved Lotus Notes data base corrupted. Can I get it back?

June 28, 2015 at 10:14:54
Specs: Windows 64
I accidently deleted a 1.6 GBs Lotus Notes 5.0.8 data base that I was working on for 3 months (yes, I'm THAT stupid :( ).
I downloaded an un-deletion program (fast undelete 2.1 if my memory serves me right) and undeleted it. I didn't create any new files so that the empty space where the data base was storen wasn't overwritten.
But, for some reason, maybe fast undelete (how ironical, hu :( ?) or maybe temporary internet files, who knows, the data base got corrupted after undeletion.
Now, when trying to open the DB I get the following error message (translated from spanish, so some discrepancies may exist): "It´s not possible to locate the database object" and later "The data base was not totally started (does not present any view). Use File - Replication - Replicate to start it." The data base is local, so I don't have another copy or back up of any sort.

So, my question is, is there any software (please say yes!) that can allow me to recover all the possible information from the data base? Where can I download it?
Thank you all very much.

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June 28, 2015 at 11:11:04
Not being more than passingly familiar with Lotus notes (and it was an age ago...) not really able to offer concrete advise...

However this post:

deal with Lotus Notes and recovery of corrupt etc. data Possibly the discussion and suggestions there may help? Pending more experienced input it may at least be a start?

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June 29, 2015 at 13:09:16
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Follow steps below or in case .nsf file cannot be restored by usual methods, you may use

1. Copy the NSF file into a new local location that has Lotus Notes
2. Using the Command prompt go to Lotus Notes home. (i.e. c:\lotus\notes )
3. Run the following commands:
(Enter the user's Notes password if prompted)
3a. nfixup.exe <filename>.nsf
3b. ncompact.exe -c <filename>.nsf
4. Once the file has been fixed and compacted. Rename the original NSF in source (i.e. _bkup or _currupt) to distinguish the corrupt version from the fixed one.
5. Add the fixed NSF to source and process in Clearwell as needed.

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