lost product key for my disc office xp standard version 2002

November 25, 2013 at 11:49:10
Specs: Windows xp
need to reload after pc crash. when I enter key code message says it is not valid. Have I possibly retained wrong code or what?

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November 25, 2013 at 13:03:15
I've never known an Office setup have problems with the correct Product Key, so it seems you have the wrong one. We can't help any further with that.

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November 25, 2013 at 15:54:53
Possibly… if you boot with a Linux disk; and then run a suitable utility to scan the drive for all installed software keys - you may be able to find it…?

Belarc and/or Sysandra may allow; but not sure if they will run within a Linux environment or not...

Likewise a search via google/yahoo etc. for key finders may bring up suitable utils…

I did a brief google trawl using the string/search term:

windows key finder for linux

and it coughed up quite a few hits; the first seeming to have possibilities when I looked at it.


Also… How are you setting about reinstalling windows itself? Have you effectively obliterated/wiped the previous crashed installation already?

Typical Linux variant used a lot is Ubuntu; can be downloaded as an ISO, burned to a dvd; boot with that DVD. Then run whichever key finder style of until you can…?

If per chance you registered the Office suite with M$ whenever…, they may be able to track down your registration record; and provide a replacement key? Not sure it they will or not; but worth a try? They will require details of the physical DVD… And they will tell you what when you make the enquiry. (I have done this for a replacement disk for Win-9x in the past - the disk was damaged. They asked for some numbers etc. off the disk I had, verified it was genuine product and sent me a replacement - free; but it was a long time ago…) I did it all over the phone.

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