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September 13, 2013 at 03:26:49
Specs: Windows 8, Intel e5200 dual/2gb
I am not sure what category I should look or post this in - sorry.

I have for many (10+) years had an email address provided by address is embedded in my brain and many aspects of my on line life and although I now use a gmail address to access it via a forwarding set up, it is the address I give out to friends and use for just about everything.

Anyway, have just told me that they will be withdrawing all email accounts that end like mine ( - I guess they've lost or sold the domain name or however it works. At the end of the month it will cease to work.

Can anyone advise me as to how I might proceed? Can I determine somehow who now owns it and appeal to them? If not, is all I can do simply get used to it and set up a new account elsewhere? Would love to avoid it if possible. gave me complex instructions for creating an alias, but that won't allow me to keep using the address for sending or receiving email.

Any help/advice much appreciated....this forum has been of enormous help over the years!


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September 13, 2013 at 10:43:09
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Unfortunately, if the Domain is being retired, there's really no way you can send/receive with that account. You'd just have to notify all your Contacts and notify any businesses that send you email.

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