Looking for GrandView Outliner Workalike

March 28, 2012 at 12:01:08
Specs: Windows Vista
Anybody find an Grandview Outliner workalike yet? I have been searching for years. GrandView was absolutely the best outliner and I did my best writing with it. I've checked alternative outliners but not found anything as intuitively meshed with one's thinking.

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March 28, 2012 at 12:16:20
You could try this:


Might be able to get it running in a DOSbox.



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March 30, 2012 at 11:31:21
As mentioned above, you can still find Grandview 2 at the Vetusware site (I put it there.) I absolutely know what you mean about doing your best writing with Grandview. I'm a fiction writer and I still use it to do my rough drafts. I run it on on a Windows 7 machine and my Windows XP netbook. Works fine and you can use it either windowed or full screen. I can provide more details if you're interested.

As a side note, I was playing around with my Android Tablet and discovered an android version of DosBox. Without having much hope, I was able to get Grandview 2 running. I use a little foldable bluetooth keyboard and have access to all of the normal functions. It took a while to work this out as my version of Android, 2.2, doesn't know about the escape key, caps lock and the F-Keys, among others, so I had to tweak both the keyboard ini files for Dosbox and for Android itself. I have my Grandview work directory linked to Dropbox via a program called Dropsync so that I can work anywhere and come home and continue working or export to text or whatever. I actually really love working on the tablet. I can provide more information about this if you or anyone is interested. Long live Grandview!

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April 2, 2012 at 14:41:52
I was able to get Grandview to run on VMWare again, thank God, but no mouse support. I vaguely remember I had mouse support when I used Grandview in the 1990's.

Will have to go back to one of my old computers (either the 486 or earlier laptop, or even the old PC/XT) to see how I had it working before.

Vaguely remember I had it running on a Dell Inspiron 7500, with multi-boot.

Running on VMWare is nice, since can switch back and forth (in-and-out), but not sure how it is going to work out with serious writing, since I have to save to WordPerfect and then convert into Word.

The ability to Hoist and De-Hoist is very good feature of Grandview. I have to get re-acclimated to Grandview, and it is good I still have the user manuals.

I found an outliner, a simple one, referred by someone, Sain Outliner, it was easy to use, but the trial version is very limited--cannot save more than a simple outline--I tried to purchase full version, but there were no links to enable doing so--went to Sainsoftware website, but no links to that outline software, and thus no ability to purchase a license. Very weird. Don't know about this company.

Anybody know how to purchase the full version of Sain Outline?

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April 8, 2012 at 15:07:42
I got Grandview to run on a Dos 6.22 VM using VMWare 7 (could not use VMWare 8 because it did not recognize my physical floppy, so I reverted back to VMWare 7).

Anyway, I was able to run GrandView and create outlines using GrandView in the VM, and I set up my document files at C:\GV\GV_DOCS as a directory. However, I am not able to see the documents in this directory from Vista.

So, after developing an outline, I export it as a WordPerfect file, saving it in the C:\GV\GV_DOCS directory, thinking I could use MS Word under Windows (Vista) to import the file into MS Word.

The C:\GV\GV_DOCS folder is indicated as empty; but under the VM, I know I put the documents in there. I enabled file sharing for that specific directory under VM, but still it shows up as an empty folder under Windows.

Any ideas? Thanks

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April 8, 2012 at 15:11:39
Please do provide more details on how you got Grandview to work on Windows 7 (I use Vista 64 bit).

It is possible to get the working directory to be on a USB stick, so that I can move it around?

I intend to use GV as my outline, and then convert over to MS Word for full text, going through WordPerfect as the medium.


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October 31, 2012 at 01:12:03
To Jeepea -

Please provide further information/particulars about using Grandview in Win7. Full screen? WOW!


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