issue with .csv files moved from pc to mac and back again

April 16, 2012 at 14:47:40
Specs: Windows XP, p4
We are trying to change tab to commas in lots of large files - my husband has been reading each file into Excel on his pc and outputting .csv files ad infinitum - so I offered to try and dust off my awk skills to automate the process. We have a older mac laptop (OS 10.5, I think) and the pc is running WinXP.

We put the files on a thumb drive and brought them over to the mac where I copied a few files to run tests, then I gave him back his thumb drive, and when he put in in the PC, the directory structure is all wacky - there appear to be limitless folders in the dir I accessed (when you hit the folder expansion, the dir comes up named "0" and subfolders go on forever. . .). I didn't work on the thumb drive on the mac other than to copy a few files from it.

Are the files on the thumb drive corrupted? Fixable? Any ideas what happened? thanks for any help. . .

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April 16, 2012 at 21:39:23
Two things the file systems are different so the directory structures are different. And the the file systems use a different line ending scheme. To properly convert the files you would have to first convert to Mac then remove the tabs then convert back to Windows. It might be better to find a awk-like utility that would run under the command prompt in Windows.

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