IFS and Data Validation

October 16, 2019 at 19:02:45
Specs: Windows 10

I want to first apply an IFS formula and then apply data validation on the same column.

The first formula is
=IFERROR(IFS([@Type]="EA - Site Specific ","",[@Type]="EA - Surrender","",[@Type]="EA Amendment (Major)","",[@Type]="EA - Variation","",ISBLANK([@Type]),""),"N/A")

and the data validation formula is

IF(G2="EA - Site Specific ",SiteSpecific,IF(G2="EA - Surrender",Surrender,IF(G2="EA Amendment (Major)",major,IF(G2="EA - Variation",Variation,if(G2))))

basically I want to do is when each category in first formula appear as blank it will have an option to select yes or no from dropdown.

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