Solved if cell to the left is highlighted, highlight this cell also

January 15, 2017 at 01:36:45
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Hi, i'm trying to create a working calendar/schedule on excel.

basically, in column C shows the date, and column D shows the day:

9/1 Mon
10/1 Tues
11/1 Wed
and so on

for column C, i used conditional formatting to create 2 rules, in order:
1. highlight cells that contain dates occurring today with green fill
2. highlight cells that contain cell value less than =NOW() with light red fill.

what i want to do is make the cell colors of column D the same color as their adjacent cell in C.

i did some googling and found a formula, for example in cell D4 i would use conditionally format the cell with the formula =IF(C4<NOW(),TRUE,FALSE), to highlight the cell with light red fill. However, with this formula I have to individually create rules for the hundreds of cells in column D.

is there a workaround? where i can base the color of the cell off its adjacent cell's color?

by the way, I only have a very basic understanding of excel, so please don't get too technical thank you

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January 15, 2017 at 07:35:20
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In the D column, Day of Week, how are you displaying the day of the week associated
with the Date in column C and
in Column C how are you displaying today's date?

Is there a specific reason you have a Day of the Week column?

Did you know you can Custom Format a Date entry to show only the Day of The Week?


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