if cell contains text from data validation, t

September 8, 2011 at 07:42:03
Specs: Windows XP
If a cell contains text from data validation that I created, how can i make a rule to what the adjacent cell will be? Example: If cell B57 has a list of values that I created using data validation with city names, how can I make cell C57 have a specific decimal number for the values? I'm creating a price sheet for our company to help sales people price/bid jobs. Surrounding cities have anywhere from a 5%-15% up charge (so as to allow more for gas and trip charges).

I'm using Excel 2007.


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September 8, 2011 at 09:59:23
Read up on VLOOKUP in the Excel Help files.

You would set up a table that had the list of dropdown choices in the 1st column and your associated "decimal numbers" in another. You would probably want to use the same 1st column list to create the drop down list to ensure an exact match every time.

VLOOKUP would look up the text chosen in the drop down and return the associated value.

This could also be done with an IF statement, but VLOOKUP might be much more efficient depending on how many choices you had. Editing the table as dropdown choices and/or values change is a lot easier then editing the formula.

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