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I Need A 30 Day Rolling Calendar

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Hi at 68 I’m not to clever with things like Excel unless quite basic. My problem at the moment living in my motorhome and based a lot of the time in Napier, NZ for part time work. Napier only allow you to stay in the 4 designated freedom camping sites for 2 consecutive days and any 10 days in a rolling 30 day period. I have tried everywhere to find a rolling calendar to track my 10 days (which are never 10 days consecutive) in a 30 day period. Can someone please help.


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  1. Here is an updated formula.
    Replace the formula in cell C1 with this:


    The previous formula would SUM the numbers in column B
    so, if by mistake you entered any number other than 1
    your count of the days would be in error.

    This new formula Counts the number of non-empty cells
    so, you can put any character you like or you could note
    the site number and the count of days will be correct.

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