how to use if function in excel sheet

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November 28, 2010 at 20:24:25
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I have a problem
I want make my design templet where the decision making function are required, for example : " if the thickness of plate is less than than 32 mm radiography is not required but if the thisckness is greater than 32 mm radiography will be requred now my question is that how to excute this type of function ? where to write above formula? in which cell the result will be displayed ? I am new in this plz help

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November 28, 2010 at 21:03:02
You can put the formula in any cell that you like. The result will "appear" in whatever cell you put the formula.

However, there is something missing from your question:

What do you want the result to be if the thickness of the plate equals 32 mm? You told us about "greater than 32" and "less than 32", but you didn't say anything about "equals 32".

You should look up the IF function in Excel help to understand how it works.

I am assuming that you have the thickness entered in a cell on a sheet. Let's make believe it is in A1.

Your IF function would look something like the following. This formula will return "Radiography Required" for any A1 value > 32, "Radiography Not Required" for any value 32 or less.

=IF(A1 > 32, "Radiography Required", "")

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