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Solved How To SUM values Based On Text

December 13, 2017 at 23:55:07
Specs: Windows 10
In excel 2007 in one cell there are three words like "Su Ve Ma" in the below cell i want to sum of 5 +7 +8

like that I have seven words like
Su 5
Mo 5
Ma 8
Me 5
Ju 10
Ve 7
Sa 5

IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(" Ve",CY15)),SUM(CY20+7),CY20))),CY20)

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December 14, 2017 at 04:25:37
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I'll address your question at the end of this post, but first, here are a couple of posting tips:

First, when posting in a Help forum such as this, please try to use a Subject Line that tells us something about your question. If everyone used a generic Subject Line such as "Please Help..." we wouldn't be able to tell one question from another and the Archives would essentially be useless.

I have edited the subject line of your post to show you what I mean. Scan the list of questions in this forum to see the types of Subject Lines that others have used.

Second, if you click on the How-To link at the bottom of this post, you can read the instructions on how to post data in this forum so that the format is retained. It may take some trial and error via the Preview Follow Up button, as explained in the instructions, but it can be done.


As for your question, look at the SUMIFS function. I think it will be much easier to use.

Sorry, spoke to soon. try this:


or even shorter...


(This is not an array formula so you need to type in those array brackets.)

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December 15, 2017 at 06:47:49
Dear DerbyDad03,

Thank you for your suggestion for subject line .... this is the first time I am posting. next time I will follow as you suggested.

Thank you for the formula which you have given .... both formulas are working fine.

thanks a lot.

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