How to make use of one row of excel for making a new excel??

December 28, 2015 at 02:04:25
Specs: Windows 8.1
Hi, I have file name Customer.xlsx which have details in some rows in excel.
Which include following details like
Tracking,Ship date,Order id,Purchase date,Final destination,Currency,product-name,
quantity-purchased, item-price,recipient-name,ship address-1,ship-phone-number,ship country

These are one after other from left to right in excel (A1 : M1)
Each one contains the some information on just below the same like in 2nd row (A2 : M2), A3:M3 and so on below
With the help of each A2:M2,we create a separate invoice like 1.xlsx and
With the help of each A3:M3 we create a separate invoice like 2.xlsx
But it take much time to focus on cell what we copied and where we paste??

We already create blank format for invoice from 780.xlsx to 1655.xlsx
I want a script that just take the defined values as prescribed above(A2:M2) and fill the same in all this files like 780 to 1655

But the values that show in A2:M2 must go to new file like in 780.xlsx in format in following cells :-
G5, G6, G7, G8, C19&D19 merge cell, H25, E25&F25, G25, H25 upto item-price values

Then last four values like item-price,ship-address1,phone&country goes to two cell as follow:-
A10,B10,C10,D10(E10 F10) A11,B11,C11,D11(E11 F11) A12,B12( E12 F12) A13,B13(E12 F12)

The item price like 10.00 must be in A10,B10,C10,D10 and E10 F10. So on
Hope you understood.
Feel free to ask any questions

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June 7, 2016 at 03:28:19
This kind of sounds possible but i dont exactly understand what you are after, perhaps you can provide some dummy data and then tell us what ypu expect to be created with that data?

Please use the PRE tags when pasting data so that we can clearly see its layout. Thanks

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