How to find data form another Woorkbook

October 31, 2017 at 22:07:58
Specs: Windows 10
Hi All,
I have 1 Workbook Template (Worksheet Master) which have hyperlink to another workbooks based on value choosed from dropdown list and will link it to Worksheet Membership (each workbooks have worksheet called 'Membership') by using command button. My question is, by using VBA:

-How can I automatically find the match value from Worksheet Master in cell E17 into Worksheet Membership in column J once its opened from hyperlink? Currently I just using Ctrl+F to find the match value.
-Once match value found, can data in the column F,K & L (in same row where value found) automatically to be copy and paste it back to Workbook Template (Worksheet Master) in cell S17, S19 & S21? Currently I just manually copypaste.

This is the VBA code I wrote in Command Button 4 to link the Workbook selected:

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()ActiveSheet.Unprotect "x"
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=Range("AE1").CurrentRegion.Find(What:=Range("S23").Value).Hyperlinks(1).Address
ActiveSheet.Protect "x"
End Sub

Thanks in advance. If someone willing to help and provide the VBA code, please tell me where to put the code.
*If anyone willing to answer, with respect, please explain it in simple word and simple English because I am not too good.

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November 1, 2017 at 01:29:25
There may be another way of doing what you want, but you need to explain clearly what you are trying to achieve, list your process steps and expected outcome.

Also explain the layout of your worksheets.

If all you want to do is open another workbook and protect it, based on the value in a dropdown menu then that it pretty straight forward and I wouldn't use the hyperlink method for that. There are other ways, not suggesting they are better but I prefer them as they don't rely on using hyperlinks or formulas which can break.

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