Solved how to check a big list against 75 keywords in Excel

October 4, 2017 at 10:36:13
Specs: Windows 10
firstly i know nothing about programming and have only just started with excel.
I am tasked with having a list of 75 keywords where some include @ or . as well as words such as letters@, news, facebook
i have to filter this list against an 80k list and where any of these keywords exist i have to delete the whole line.
I have tried so many times to do the advanced filter and it just wont work. is there not a plug in or easier way as two at a time filter is taking forever.
from desperate penny

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October 5, 2017 at 09:26:46
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It sounds like a macro would work for your task. A macro is a set of instructions written in VBA (Visual Basic for Application). Generically, code could be written to search the 80K list for each of the 75 keywords and delete the entire row each time a keyword is found.

The code itself will probably be fairly simple, but it requires specific inputs such as where is the list of 75 keywords located (Sheet name and range (Row, Column, etc.)) and where is the data that will be searched (again, Sheet name and range (Row, Column, etc.))


The 75 keywords are in Sheet1!A2:A76

The 80K list is in Sheet2!B2:B800001

"Each cell in the 80K list will contain only the keyword." or 
"The keyword will be contained within a longer string within each cell."

"Each keyword will only be found once within the 80K list." or 
"There may be more than one occurrence of each keyword."

If you could provide that info, along with some specific examples of keywords and the data to be searched, we'll see what we can do. The more details you provide right upfront, the less time we'll spend going back and forth trying to figure out your actual requirements.

We're here to help, but you have to help us help you. :-)

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