how does one stop Dropbox login accessing contacts data

May 25, 2020 at 07:17:54
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Not sure where to post this one - but picked office as a starter. If there is a more appropriate section - I'm happy for the Mods. to move it there.

I may have to login to DropBox in order to access content there - course materials for an online course I'm taking. It insists that one uses Gmail or Facebook, and insists on having free access to the contacts/address book info. one may have in any of those accounts.

I don't use Facebook, Linkedin or any of those other similar sites. They aren't secure; sell on all user data provided - without the user knowing who has got what from their account info. Also Google was scanning emails etc. and using data garnered that way long before the Homeland Security and NSA required all email servers preserve all content passing though them; Yahoo was only too pleased (and fast) to comply as well. Presumably all the others have followed suit...

Regardless of which I get frequent "you have message" at Facebook or Linked in; or "you were searched for today" from Linked in... Presumably they have grabbed my email address from an account which has it in their contacts listings? I have several friends who do use Facebook and/or Linkedin and thus they likely have my email account in their main email contacts listings?

Dropbox does seem to allow another email address but requires the email address (user i/d) - and password for that account? Highly suspicious about that one... How does it use a non Gmail/Facebook login?

The default for Gmail is to automatically catch and store in coming email sender/contact info.; but that can be changed to manual only. Nonetheless (and I don't allow any contact details to be stored in my Gmail account) Dropbox will still insists on access.

So - how does one stop Dropbox from accessing contacts in any email account one may use to access Dropbox contents?

All input muchly appreciated...

Retires for tea 'n cake on this rare event - a sunny/summer like day in the UK...

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