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How Do I Launch A Word Macro From A Desktop Shortcut?

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I created a multi-page form in MS Word 2010. I then drafted a short macro that inserts the date and time into the form and then moves the cursor to the first open field. I want to put a shortcut on my desktop that, when clicked, opens Word, opens the document and runs the short macro. How do I do that?

I was hoping to find the macro file and drag-and-drop a copy onto my desktop so that when I click it it would automatically open the document and run the set-up macro. I found the normal.dotm file but can’t access individual macros within it. Is there a way to place on my desktop a shortcut to a particular Word macro?



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  1. Perhaps this will work for you..

    In the Visual Basic Editor you will see a ThisDocument module for your Word document.

    If you use a Document_Open event macro in that module, the code will run as soon as the document is opened.

    The code below presents a MsgBox whenever the document is opened:

    Private Sub Document_Open()
      MsgBox "I'm Open!"
    End Sub

    Perhaps if you replace my instruction with your instructions, you’ll get what you want.

    All you’ll need is a shortcut to the document itself on your desktop.

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