How do I get MS Word to realize the systems clipboard?

Microsoft Office 2010 professional
September 19, 2012 at 05:09:11
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Core i3, 2.93 GHz, 6GB
I have this problem with Word but I think it is a general problem with other Office software aswell. I've also seen a lot of questions about it on many forums. If there are any answers they don't really match the question.

When I try to copy text from, typically any web browser (including IE), and paste it into a word document, nothing happens. If I then open Notepad and try to paste there it works fine. So I mark the text again in Notepad and copy it from there to see if that would help. But still pasting ointo Word doesn't work.

Next I open WordPad and repeat the procedure. This time, when I try to paste back in Word I get an error message with the following info attached:

"There is a problem saving the file.
Usually this is because the disk or floppy disk is too small for the file or is full, RAM memory is low, or there is a permission problem with the drive the file is being saved to.
If the amount of disk space for a paging file is low, save the file to another drive. If the RAM memory is low, increase available RAM. If permissions to the drive do not allow you to save to that drive, save the file to another drive or request permissions from the administrator to save files to the drive.
Note This error can also occur if the computer is running a version of antivirus software that is incompatible with the Microsoft Office or must be updated."

The only solution I've found is to restart the computer. But this only helps for a few minutes and then it's back to same state again. No matter what settings I choose, Word won't notice anything to paste. However, If I copy something in Word and try to paste it again that works without problem. It is only when I've copied content from another program (text, images or other media) and try to paste in Word, that I get this. But then, when I check, the content is on the clipboard.

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September 19, 2012 at 06:51:06

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September 19, 2012 at 06:56:28
Try checking your Options:

Click the Microsoft Office button
Click on the Word Options button to bring up the Word Options dialog box (at the bottom of window)
Click on the Advance button in the left hand pane
Under the Cut,Copy & Paste section, check to see how you have it configured.

I have mine set to the Default selections, and I just copied a page from the web and pasted it into word with no problems.

You might also want to run a Diagnostic:

Running Microsoft Office Diagnostics from within Excel/Word

Click the Microsoft Office button
Click on the Excel/Word Options button to bring up the Excel Options dialog box (at the bottom of window)
Click on the Resources button in the left hand pane
Click on the Diagnose button in the right hand pane
Click Continue
Click Run Diagnostics

Running Microsoft Office Diagnostics from the Start Menu

Click on the Start button
Click All Programs
Click Microsoft Office folder
Click Microsoft Office Tools
Click Microsoft Office Diagnostics
Click Continue
Click Run Diagnostics


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September 19, 2012 at 11:23:14
Thank you. That was one of the topics I was referring to. And wich led to this thread. The only answed that looks like a solution is one about COM add-ins. I don't have the bluetooth add-in in question.

I couldn't find the Diagnostic Tools on my computer. It made me a bit confused at first, as I thought missing files could be the source of my problem. But then I found this link about Missing Diagnostic Tools. I also checked on how to repair Office.
The repair process is still running, so I can't tell if it works yet. It takes time.....

Update: It didn't make any difference. :(

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Related Solutions

September 19, 2012 at 13:51:20
You could try starting Word with no add-in loaded and see if that produces anything.

Click the Start button
Click on Run.

In the Run box, type: winword.exe /a

You may need the complete path.

Once you have Word open, see if you can Copy / Paste.


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September 20, 2012 at 07:13:00
Thank you MIKE. I had not thought abut that. Unfortunately it didn't help. However, I wonder if this could be a Java problem. I work very much with Eclipse, wich is running on my computer most of the time. And most of my writing is about Java too. I haven't tested it enough to tell if it is really so, but I have a feeling that it might be when I copy from Eclipse or Internet sites (where many things are actually Java based) that the problems arise.

I don't know how Java connects to Windows clipboard. I may have to find an article on the subject. But it could be, that Java somehow interfere with or doesn't hook up properly with the systems clipboard.

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