Solved How do I count how many tasks are in a certain month?

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September 27, 2017 at 12:49:32
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This is giving me fits! I keep trying to break this donw and now am just looking at this:
-----COUNTIF('2017 - RBB Productivity'!A:A,MONTH(2))
I was just trying to get Excel to tell me how many tasks were done in February. I get 0, which is not accurate.

What I need it to do is this:
---SUMIF('2017 - RBB Productivity'!$A:$A,MONTH(2),'2017 - RBB Productivity'!B;B)

A              B            C            D
Date       High        Med       Low
2/17/17     3              1
2/20/17     5                            2 

(I hope that table came out right!)

So for evey month of the year, I need to show how3 many H, M, L records were checked. Each date will have multiple entries so you might have 16 times that 2/1/17 is listed because each employee may do a High record.

Any ideas?

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September 27, 2017 at 13:19:54
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Do you want to count the values by month or sum the values by month?

Should the answer for February/High be 8 (3+5) or 2 (for 2 dates in February)?

If 8, then look here:

If 2 then, try this:


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