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[Solved] How do I BOLD specific text string in a Concatenate formula?

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Using Excel 2010
Do not want to use VBA, if possible.
If this request is not available in 2010, is it available in 2013?


1 Answer

  1. I do not believe that you can format individual parts of the result of a formula.

    There are some workarounds that can be found via a Google search, such as strategic positioning of Text Boxes linked to cells, etc.


    Insert however many text boxes you need to create the concatenated string.

    One at a time, Select each text box, click in the formula bar and enter e.g. =A1 to have the result from that cell appear in the text box.

    Arrange the text boxes next to each other, format them as No Line and format the text the way you want, e.g. Bold.

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