Solved how can i convert non-columnar text to colums (CSV or tab)

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June 22, 2016 at 16:23:42
Specs: Windows Server 2008
I hope this is a simple question...

I have a text file like this:

name: John
age: 23
location: USA
status: active
name: Joe
age: 45
location: Canada
status: pending
name: Jane
age: 40
location: England
status: active
and so on...

So it's a database where each record is a number of variable length lines separated by a "----" line and the fields are 'key:value' or 'label:value' pairs on each line.

My first question is what would you call this format (to distinguish it from CSV or tabular, etc)? Always helps to know the terminology.

Second, I would like to convert this to a CSV file (or some columnar format) like:

and so on...

Would be nice to handle the keys not being in the same order or present in all records but I'm not picky.

Many thanks in advance.

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June 22, 2016 at 21:34:32
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Microsoft refers to it as list format, which is the best name I've heard for it.

Anyways, you can convert it with PowerShell, assuming you've got a Win7+ / 2008R2+ box kicking around, or you patched that 2008 box to have at least PowerShell v2.

gc 'in.txt' | 
foreach -Begin { $record = @{}; $allRecords = @() } {
   if ($_ -notlike "----*") { $line = $_ -split ':', 2; $record.Add($line[0], $line[1].Trim()) }
   else { $allRecords += New-Object PSObject -Property $record; $record = @{} }
} -End { $allRecords | Export-Csv 'out.csv' -NoTypeInformation }

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July 4, 2016 at 08:33:09
Yes, this does exactly what I want! I haven't a clue how it works but it does and thank you!

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