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Solved How can I automatically update dates on a template

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How can I automatically update the following dates every time I open my outlook template?

Subject: report for: <today’s date> in “mm/dd/yy” format

Body of e-mail:
…first I ran the report using: <yesterday’s date> “mm/dd/yy” format
…and I ran the report using: <today’s date> “mm/dd/yy” format

Thanks, OCM


1 Answer

  1. Johnr, thanks for your reply.

    Insert date/time method works fine for the current date in the body of the e-mail.

    For the subject line, to add today’s date, I used the following method:
    Select Design a Form from the Tools\Forms menu
    In the Standard Forms Library Open the Message form.
    Right-click on the Subject text input box and select Properties.
    From the Properties dialogue box click on the Value tab and edit the initial value
    as follows

    ‘my text ‘& Date()

    1. The above worked fine, but it displays the date in mm-dd-yyyy format. I
    would like this to be in mm-dd-yy format

    2. For yesterday’s date (in the body of the e-mail) I tried Date ( )-1 and
    Now ( )-1. These didn’t work.

    As you mentioned this may be only accomplished by using macros.


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