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Solved Hide The Text in MS Outlook 2010

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Before I used Lotus Notes and when I had a block of text I didn’t want to see right away I inserted a “breakline”. Inside that ‘line’ I was able to put the block of text. The body of the message looked nice and only in case one wanted to know more details he could click on that ‘line’ .. it expanded and the block of text was visible.
I was trying to find similar feature in MS Outlook 2010 but failed.
Does anyone know similar feature in Outlook?


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  1. From the brief look-see/research I di on this I got the impression that it might have been viable with earlier versions of Outlook; even if one had to create/use a macro (as in one of the above links); or used an add-in item… But with 2010 version if appears that M$ (as per for most companies) decided to “phyxe sumat that wasn’t broke” – and thus what you’d like to do isn’t really viable…

    It seems that in pre 2010 versions of Outlook M$ Word was the editor in full; whereas with 2010 and later there is some form of link with M$ Word but not as was with earlier Outlook.

    Incidentally you’re not alone in wanting the option; more than a few have blasted away at the absence of it…

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