Help to rename Excel column headings save as new

May 21, 2017 at 13:37:37
Specs: Windows 10
Can someone please help,

I need a VBA to open my spreadsheet file take this data format.
Address City / State / Zip First Name Last Name Email Cell Phone Number

Then rename the headers and put it into this exact format then save it to a new xlsx file name that I can create in the same VBA
UserID City ExpirationDate CHSetIndex FirstName LastName MiddleName Street Zip State HomePhone WorkPhone LastEventLog NeverExpiers Active Deleted GotTransmitters GotCards GotEntryCodes GotPhoneEntryNumbers CustomType1 CustomType2 CustomType3 CustomType4

The UserID needs to Auto number starting with a number that I also input in the VBA

City / State / Zip is all 1 box in the first sheet and I need to separate them into Street Zip State for the new sheet
HomePhone needs to be Cell Phone Number
CustomType1 needs to be the Email
FirstName needs to be the contents of First Name
LastName needs to be the contents of Last Name
Active needs to say TRUE
Deleted needs to say FALSE
LastEventLog Needs show 0
GotTransmitters Needs to say FALSE
GotCards Needs to say FALSE
GotEntryCodes Needs to say FALSE
GotPhoneEntryNumbers Needs to say FALSE

Thank you in advance!

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May 22, 2017 at 06:29:51

I would be useful if you presented your column headers properly, please use the PRE tags to format your headers, ensure you use column headers (EG A, B , C etc) and row numbers

Read this

Also it would be good to have a comma between each header.

Now most importantly your requirement doesn't quite make sense to me, so I will need you to explain it with much more detail, remember we cannot see your workbook so you need to give us as much information as possible.

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