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July 16, 2014 at 22:01:00
Specs: Windows 7, 4GB
I have a spreadsheet where top 5 rows form the header and are already fixed. The first column i.e A is already fixed. Now I want the row 371 to be fixed and it should remain into the view so that I don't have to scroll down the whole sheet to see the subtotal of 370 cells. Next I want to freeze the cells BJ BK and BL [on the right side] which form the total and balance on the right. So finally I expect my worksheet to have four fixed panes on all the four sides and the spreadsheet scrolling up and down so as to have max productivity. Is this possible? Thanks


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July 17, 2014 at 08:48:50
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I do not believe that there is anyway to "freeze the borders" and then scroll around the middle of the sheet. It would be a cool feature, but I don't think it exists.

However, there maybe some workarounds that you can use. I tried this briefly and it may get you where you need to be:

The first thing I did was use the View ribbon and choose "New Window". This opens a copy of the spreadsheet in another window. I then viewed the 2 copies side by side, which is easy for me to do since I have 2 monitors. (I dragged the Excel window so it spanned both monitors and then arranged the 2 copies of the spreadsheet so I could see them both, one on each monitor.)

Next, in one of the windows I used View...Split to split that copy into 4 panes. After arranging the view within each pane to see the sections of the sheet that I was interested in, I went back to the non-split copy and did all of my work in there. Scrolling around the non-split copy didn't change the view in any of the 4 panes on my other monitor.

Google Excel 2007 split screen for more info on the feature.

I hope that helps.

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