Solved for every week a person works you get £10 whats the formula

February 13, 2015 at 04:16:23
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For every successful candidate placement £10 per week will be paid on top of your basic for every week the candidate works. This bonus will be included in your monthly gross pay. For example every week we calculate the number of candidates you have placed and are working for you, this number is multiplied by £10.00 ie in a 5 week month where you have 5 candidates placed and working you will receive £50 x 5 = £250 in that months gross salary. Can you help with the formula

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February 13, 2015 at 06:55:06
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The simple answer is the brute force method:


This will produce the £250 noted in your example.

The better way, since I assume the values will vary, is to set up a table:

         A            B          C               D 
1    Candidates     Weeks     Bonus Rate     Bonus Total
2        5            5          10          =A2*B2*C2

You can drag the formula in D2 (and the 10) down as far as you need if you want to keep track of each pay period.

You could also put the "10" (which I assume will be constant over a long time period) in a single cell and always refer to that cell in your formulas. e.g.


When you drag that down, the $C$2 will not change and all formulas will use the value in C2. However, if they ever change that rate and you change the value in C2, all of the "past values" will also change.

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