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Microsoft Excel 2004 for mac
July 16, 2010 at 08:13:42
Specs: Macintosh
Here is a sample of what is contained in a few of thousands of cells. 80% have the name at the beginning, some with middle initials, usually followed by a space or comma after the name. Most of the other 20% have "NAME:" or "name:" before the names. The rest of the info I need(phone # & email) are scattered throughout the data in the cell. The phone numbers are written out usually as (111) 222-3333 or 111-222-3333 or 1112223333. There is usually a fax number in the data as well in the same format but would usually have "Fax:" in front. The email addresses are in no standard format as some have just first and last names separated by a period, some have middle initials, etc. Almost all email addresses have .mil at the end. Some cells have more than one person's email address, but I am only looking for the email of the person at the beginning of the data in the cell.

Is there any hope of a formula to extract this data (name, phone, email) into 3 separate columns without cutting and pasting each? Thanks!


Eli L Rorter, Phone 591-621-4412, Fax 591-621-4319, Email

Hank D Wilson, COUNSEL, Phone 591-621-4405, Fax 591-621-4419, Email

NAME:Tammy Peters, 205-252-4408 a href=""USO for Al</a <tim whitters, (205) 252-3393,

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July 16, 2010 at 09:01:07
Please tell me that those examples are not names and info of real people.

If they are, please edit your post and remove them immediately.

If you don't respond soon, I will delete the data to be safe.

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July 16, 2010 at 10:37:56
No, these are altered names and info...but this is how the data in the cells look

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