Extracting Text into a Separate Tab

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March 3, 2010 at 07:32:08
Specs: Windows Vista
I have several models that will need to be translated to other languages and I want to put all text strings on a separate tab so they are all together. I need a utility/tool to locate standalone and embedded text strings, move them to another tab, and replace the original text string with the cell reference to the new location. A bonus would also create a dynamic named range and use that in the original cells instead of absolute references. Does anyone know of a tool or utility that can do that? Thanks!

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March 4, 2010 at 07:23:30

Although I have not heard of a tool to do what you want, it is potentially possible with a Macro.

You mention standalone and embedded text strings

Can you be more specific. Is standalone just text in a cell and are embedded text strings embedded in charts, text boxes etc.

In Visual Basic in Excel most items are present as 'collections' and it is possible to loop through all members of a collection without knowing how many members there are. For example you can loop through all worksheets in a workbook and loop through all ChartObjects on each worksheet, so accessing particular items repetitively is not too difficult.


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