excel value showing as zero

May 18, 2012 at 23:42:59
Specs: Windows XP
1/24/2012 1:43 1:43
1/23/2012 1:43 1:43
1/20/2012 1:43 1:43
1/19/2012 1:42 1:42
1/18/2012 1:49 1:49

Hi These values imported from sharepoint list and when i create pivot table based on this excel sheet , i get MTD ASA, YTD ASA value as zero, i tried count ,sum and all but i am not getting actual value as show in the table? Is there any way recover these value on pivot table. That will be great helpful because i coulnt figure it out.

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May 19, 2012 at 06:09:53
You probably do not have Dates & Times,
but simply TEXT strings that look like Dates & Times.

To make sure your Date are really DATES,
select a cell and right click your mouse
select Format Cell, Select the Number Tab
then select General.

If your Date cell does NOT display as a five digit number,
then you have a TEXT string not an Excel DATE.

That because "Excel stores dates and times as a number representing the number of days since 1900-Jan-0, plus a fractional portion of a 24 hour day: ddddd.tttttt . This is called a serial date, or serial date-time."



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