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October 22, 2011 at 05:11:12
Specs: Windows Vista
I am using MS Office 2007 and have made a spreadsheet in Excel that I use as a table to keep track of my progress with some work I am doing. In that spreadsheet there are no formulas, just data that I put there. In one column I have made hyperlinks so that per row I can open a corresponding text file, either in WordPerfect or Word. The problem is however that all hyperlinks open a new instance of that program with the file included in the hyperlink. What I want is that the hyperlink just opens as a new window in either Word or WordPerfect. The settings in Word are that it will only show one icon on the taskbar, even if there are multiple windows, so I am not confused with the standard setting that Word shows a separate taskbar icon for each window. In Windows Task manager I can see that every time a new program instance is started, i.e. if I open 3 WordPerfect documents there are 3 instances of WordPerfect running and the same is true if I opened Word documents. Because this problem exists with hyperlinks linked to Word as well as WordPerfect documents, I already reached the conclusion that it must be an Office issue. Moreover, when I make a hyperlink in Word I encounter the same issue that the link is always opened in a new program instance. Also, when I make a hyperlink in QuattroPro it does open every hyperlink in a new window in WordPerfect or Word, which is how I want it.

I have looked for settings in Word and Excel, to see if I could find anything there and also in the hyperlink dialog box. I also did quite some Google searching, but I have found nothing so far.

Does anybody know how I can make Office open hyperlinks in new windows instead of new program instances? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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October 22, 2011 at 08:16:07
As I read your post, I understand what is happening, but I don't quite see what the problem is.

Why is it a problem that the links open a new instance of the application?

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October 22, 2011 at 08:39:15
Thanks for your reply DerbyDad03. The problem with every link opening in a new instance is that it takes much longer to start another instance of WordPerfect or Word than if it opened in a new window inside of WordPerfect or Word.

It also uses more computer resources (especially if I open many hyperlinks).

Last, it makes it more difficult to manage than if I have a couple of windows open inside WordPerfect or Word. In that case I have buttons at the bottom of WordPerfect with the file name in it. If I have the documents open as separate instances, I only see in the taskbar button "WordPerfect X4- [path]", where it, even with only 5 taskbar buttons open on a 20" monitor, does not get further than "WordPerfect X4- [F:...]" but usually is limited to something like "WordPerfec...". Word starts the title of the taskbar button with the file name, but if my filenames all start with "Notes for [x]" where [x] is the program I have written notes about, it does not help me much either. I usually use WordPerfect X4 though for my Word processing.

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