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July 7, 2010 at 17:13:40
Specs: Windows 7
I can't seem to get this straight...

I have a table built with columns for status, date hired, and years employed already entered.

I am tasked to create a new column that identifies how many days each employee receives based Status being FT and a vacation schedule o f:
15 days for 4 or more years
10 days for 2 yrs but less than 4 yrs,
5 days for 1 yr but less thann 2 yrs
0 days for less than 1 yr

I got the first part of the formula as follows, yet do not understand how to setup the rest

=IF(AND([Status]="FT",[Years Employed]>=4),15)


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July 7, 2010 at 17:46:02
How about this:

=IF(A1="FT",IF(B1>=4,15,IF(B1>=2,10,IF(B1>=1,5,0))),"Not Full Time")

Seems to me that you only need to check for FT once and if it's TRUE, then start checking for your Years Employed. If A1 = "FT" is TRUE, then the formula will stop at the first B1 ("Years Employed") that returns TRUE.

If A1<>"FT" then the formula will jump to the very last value_if_false.

I used "Not Full Time" as the value_if_false for the IF(A1="FT") test just so that you could tell which argument was which. You can replace that with a 0 if you'd like.

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