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February 15, 2011 at 21:27:01
Specs: Windows Vista
My first tab is a master list of a bunch of people. On this list are columns with interests. What I want to do is have an X in the columns that apply to the person. Then, all my tabs will correspond to those interests. For instance the Master List will look something like this:

NAME-----SOCCER-----BASEBALL (Master List)
Bob (A2)-----X (B2)
Joe (A3)--------(B3)------X (C3)
Sue (A4)-----X (B4)

Then, in the "Soccer" Tab, Bob and Sue's names will appear, but in the "Baseball" tab only Joe's name will appear. I have a simple If/Then formula set up in each of the tabs. For instance, in the Soccer tab, A2 will say something like: If the Master List has an "X" in cell B2, then show A2. Here's my problem: Since there is no X in B3, A3 in the Soccer Tab will be an empty cell:

NAME (Soccer Tab)
Bob (A2)
(A3 Empty)
Sue (A4)

I need a modified If/Then formula that will make each tab a continuous list regardless of where on the Master List the name is. So I need the Soccer tab to look like this:

NAME (Soccer Tab)
Bob (A2)
Sue (A3)

Even if Sue was in A4 in the Master List. I hope this makes sense. Thanks.

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February 17, 2011 at 16:39:15
Any ideas??

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