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February 11, 2019 at 09:23:43
Specs: Windows 10
i AM ATTEMPTING TO CALCULATE INTEREST ADDED TO A SET AMOUNT OF $ PLUS $20 YEARLY FOR EACH YEAR UNTIL 10 YEARS. i CAN'T GET THE FORMULA TO WORK AND i'VE NEVER HAD ANY TRAINING ON EXCEL. BLIND LEADING THE BLIND, I WOULD HAVE TO SAY. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: You may use a spreadsheet for this one. If $55 is put in an account that gets 6% and I add $20 at the end of each year, how much will I have at the end of 10 years?

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February 11, 2019 at 16:08:37
This sounds like a homework question...

This link (read page 2 for your situation) explains the mysteries of compound Interest formulae...

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February 11, 2019 at 16:33:26
Please do not post in All Caps. All Caps is the internet equivalent of yelling and no one likes to be yelled at.

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February 12, 2019 at 01:01:10
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On many - if not all - forums/fora... using all capitals "is" considered to be shouting; and has been a long established internet (and certainly forum) view. Regardless... all capitals does not make for easy reading - lower-case is by far much easier to read, digest. Which does not preclude use of a capital letter as appropriate in terms of correct sintacks 'n, spelink 'n, gramer.

Bold face and capital is a convention occasionally adopted (various combinations) in serious printed material - to ensure the reader takes note of a critical, or at least important, piece of information. But overuse reduces its effectiveness. The newspaper industry uses all capital so grab your attention; but doesn't use it in small print - because it's hard to read.

Having writ more than a few manual/how to/guides etc. over the aeons, I used bold face (lower type and only applying the capital letter when it was correct to use) only to draw attention to a critical, salient point; the item you need to know. It also provides one familiar with process being read (to which the manual refers) with a quick memory jog /reminder of key information they may have forgotten but do know what they're a-do-in of... A kwik scan of the relevant page(s) and the key information is evident. The rest is relevant background/support explanation/information which you may already know; but if you don't then you will after reading it.

Likewise each form of communication (especially "print" - be it on paper or more often these days a computer screen) has its own protocols. One of them being that using all caps in a computer/internet forum etc. is generally regarded as SHOUTING (he said in a wispa!!!...)

Retires to kitchen for an early morning shot of cooking sherry, followed by tea 'n crumpets...

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