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Excel Drop Down – Effects Other Cell Value

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Hi. I am trying to have a excel spreadsheet dropdown menu change another cell value to “114” or “94” depending on the selection in the list. I’ve made the list and created the dropdown menu but can’t seem to figure out how to make it work as mentioned above. Really appreciate your help!



2 Answers

  1. =IF(“cell with dropdown” = “value to change other cell to 114”, 114 , 94)

    or said differently…

    =IF(A1 = “My114Value”, 114, 94)

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  2. Assuming you substituted your string for mine:
    With the drop down in A1, the formula should read:

    =IF(A1 = “Benchmark Conference Plan”, 114, 94)

    When Benchmark Conference Plan is chosen, the IF function will be TRUE and 114 will be returned. When Benchmark Conference Plan is not chosen the IF function will be FALSE and return 94.

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