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August 13, 2010 at 07:32:44
Specs: Windows XP
In advance, thank you to anyone who can answer this question -- I really appreciate it. I have several fiscal quarters-worth of sales volume data, dating back to 2006, broken down by store (I'm data mining for a retailer). The problem is, since 2006, about 60 stores have been shut down, so even though the sales volume data for these shut-down stores is still there (in the 2006 data,) it does not make sense to include them in my analysis. I need to delete the stores (and their sales volume) that have been closed down. For example: In column A, I have a list of all current stores as of August 1, 2010. In column B, I have a list of all stores that existed in Quater 1 of 2006 (again, about 60 of these stores do not exist today, those are the ones I want to find and delete, along with their sales volume data), and in column C, I have the sales volume data associated with each store in column B. What I want to do, is delete the stores in Column B that are NOT also in column A AND simultaneously delete the sales volume data in column C that is associated with deleted stores from column B. (I was able to advance filter out the stores in Column B that are not in Column A, but the data in column C that corresponded to the store in column B was not deleted as well.) Hopefully that makes sense -- again, I appreciate your help very much.

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August 13, 2010 at 11:11:18

Do the store names in columns A and B correspond.

For example if A10 contains "Main Street Store", and this store is still open, does B10 also contain "Main Street Store"
and if Downtown Store in B11 has closed, is cell A11 empty.

If this is the case then create a regular filter on column A and use the (Blanks) option.

The rows for stores that have closed will be shown.

Select all the visible rows, (select rows, not just the cells), then right-click on one of the selected Row labels (1,2 etc. ) and select 'Delete Row'.

Remove the filter and all rows that contained closed stores and their data will have been deleted.

If your data is not organized like this, please provide more details.


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August 16, 2010 at 11:11:18
Thank you, this helps! Thanks for your time.

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