Excel Adding across sheets

September 23, 2016 at 08:23:16
Specs: Windows 7
I have Multiple sheets and will be adding more (Sept 2016, Oct 2016 etc never ending). I am trying to track leads from multiple advertising (Walk In, Newspaper, Trucks, Google, Home Advisors etc) and daily / monthly / yearly.

SO, I know how to add the daily's to make the monthlies...but what is the formula (if any) that I would write to add the monthlies to have a running yearly & running all time.

SO, I'm starting with Sept 2016. Let's say if I'm in March 2017, I want on that sheet (March 2017) to have totals for the month (which I know) & total for yearly (which would start new for Jan 2017 ) and all time (from Sept 2016 when I started to whatever month I am on)

So I've looked on the internet, and I see this =SUM (Sheet1:Template!B34) ---Template being the last page (a blank) so that other sheets may be added before and I won't have to re-write the formula. B34 is the column on each sheet where the total for "Home Advisors" are.

I hope I gave enough information to explain myself.

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