Disappearing and reappearing attachments

March 1, 2013 at 13:01:45
Specs: Windows Vista, 2 MB RAM
When at work I operate on Outlook in a Citrix environment - sometimes I want to email something to my home email address (my homePC uses Windows mail) - when I do the email that is received appears to strip off the attachment (eg Word,Excel or pdf file) plus any formatting (eg logos attached to the mail). There is no paperclip on the main message screen, seeming to confirm the attachment has been stripped off

I chased this up at work with a guy on the ICT helpdesk, who emailed me from his email account in the same Citrix environment - I received his email WITH the test attachment!

Here's where it gets spooky - he asked me to attach the (stripped off) email I received from myself to another email and email it back to him, so he could see exactly what I received. When he got it back the original attachment was there!

Can anyone explain what might be happening here please?


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March 1, 2013 at 13:34:24
I don't know if this helps, but we have the ability to remotely connect to both the XP desktop in our office as well as to the Windows 7 environment that runs in the cloud. Either of those options gives us full access to Outlook including attachments.

However, a third option is to log into Outlook without the ability to download/view/upload any attachments. The purpose is for it to be "quick" as in "Did anybody send me an important email? Let me do a quick check."

My guess is that even though you cannot download the attachment, it is still part of the original email so when you forwarded it back to your IT guy, he got 100% of the original email.

I don't use the "quick email" function so I can't tell you how it works and if I would see the same thing you are seeing, but I thought I'd pass this along.

re: I received his email WITH the test attachment!

I'm going to ignore this statement because it doesn't fit the above scenario, therefore it must not be true. ;-)

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