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September 12, 2009 at 07:59:40
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Is it possible to have two different numering in hte same page/section. Is like, having a big file that is composed by several smaller files, so, I need to have both numbering for the particular part and the global document on each page. ie
Section A Footer 1-4 Header Page 1 of 20, 2 of 20....
Section B Footer 1-5 Header Page 5 of 20, 6 of 20....
Section C Footer 1-11 Header Page 10 of 20, 11 of 20... 20 of 20...

Thanks for the advice

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September 13, 2009 at 09:06:10

Yes it is possible to have two page number sequences in one document, but it is not fully automatic and will require some disciplined control when creating or changing sections.

I see that you are using Word 2007, and it is possible that the situation has changed from Word 2003.

As an introduction, Word has Field codes which you can insert. For example the AutoText function 'Page X of Y' inserts two field codes for you PAGE and NUMPAGES

Word has two Fields referring to Sections,
one is SECTION and the other is SECTIONPAGES
Section gives you the section number (not the page number in the section) and SectionPages gives you the total number of pages in the Section.

There is no field code for the individual page numbers in a section, i.e. although SectionPages is equivalent to NumPages, there is no section equivalent of Page

Others have come up with several ways to create section page numbering, so this is not my work,
(see http://www.thecodecage.com/forumz/w... and the solution by Pesach Shelnitz)

This is how to do it:
1. Start each new section of your document with a Section Break on a new page.

2. On the first page of each section you create a bookmark. You don't have to select any text for this.
You will need to give the bookmark a name (no spaces allowed in the name). Use a name that will make sense, such as Section1 or Chapter1. Each section will need a unique bookmark.

3.Open your header or footer and for each section select the not linked to previous, i.e., each section header or footer with your section page numbering in will be unique.

4. In your header or footer

a Type 'Section ' and then Insert Field and select the SECTION Field

b.Hit Tab then enter text 'Section Page ' and insert the following formula:

{={PAGE}-{PAGEREF Section1} +1}

Note that to get the curly braces { } press Ctrl + f9
Entering them from the keyboard doesn't work. (You will need to use Ctrl f9 three times)

c. highlight all of the above text and right click and select Toggle Field Codes, and the section page will appear.

d. enter text ' of ' and then Insert field and select the SECTIONPAGES field.

e. Enter text ' pages in the section'

f. Finally hit Tab and enter the standard AutoText Page X of Y for the full document numbering.

Your header or footer will look like this

Section 2    Section page 2 of 4 pages in the section    Page 4 of 7

Change the text to suit your style.
Number formats can be set with each field code.
(Right click on the field text and select Edit Field then select a number format)
This means that you can format the Section number as letters, per your request.
(e.g., Section 2 shows as Section B)

You can put the Section numbering in a header and the full document numbering in a footer or whatever suits you.

Having got this to work and look as you want it in Section 1, You can highlight all the text and fields and copy and paste it into the Section 2 header or footer.

(If you create a new section following one that has all the fields in it, you just need to unlink it from the previous one and do the following edit):
but first create the new bookmark for the new section.

Select the Section pages number (it will be incorrect at this stage)
Right click and Toggle Field codes
Edit the bookmark reference, i.e., change Section1 to Section2
Select the whole formula and right click and Toggle Field Codes.

You can see why you will need some discipline to keep this all correct.
I don't know why MS hasn't added a SectionPage field, as this issue has been talked about for years.

I hope this works for you.


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September 14, 2009 at 06:42:57
Wow.. Tricky, but it did the job, though it took me almost all evening undrerstanding, because I needed this combined between header, footer and margin pagination..
Worked fine... Many thanks

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September 14, 2009 at 10:27:31
You're very welcome

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