Date format incorrect when I convert from pdf to excel

September 30, 2014 at 07:28:59
Specs: Windows 7
Why are some of my dates changing (the month and day are swapping places) when I have a pdf file and do a file - save as - spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel Workbook???
Some of the dates convert correctly, but some of them are not. Such as...9-11-2014 will show up as 11-9-2014...

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September 30, 2014 at 08:59:57
Since I don't have the ability to save pdf's as Excel spreadsheets I can't test the proces. The best I can do is speculate.

I also don't know by your examples what format your examples are in. You say the month and day are swapping places, but I don't know if the original (9-11-2014) is supposed to be mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy since 9 and 11 could be either a month or a day. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the dates in the pdf were 11-22-2014 or 22-11-2014, depending on which format they are using in the pdf.

In any case...

For the dates that are changing to a different format, it is possible that your system is converting them to correspond with the format set within your regional settings. Excel may be assuming that e.g. 9-11-2014 is mm-dd-yyyy but your regional setting is
dd-mm-yyyy so Excel converts it for you. It's just trying to be nice. ;-)

For the dates that are not changing, it is possible that Excel is not actually seeing them as dates but rather as text. It is a well known annoyance within Excel that dates imported from "outside sources" (web pages, databases, etc.) are not always seen as dates by Excel. Changing the cell format to one of the date formats doesn't help, since Excel doesn't consider the contents to be a date. If Excel is not seeing some of the "dates" as dates, then it won't convert them to match your regional settings.

Sorry, but that's the best I can offer at this point.

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October 1, 2014 at 15:42:32
What pdf program are you using?

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