Count from multiple pages and multiple criteria

September 20, 2018 at 04:40:20
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I think I am getting this posted here correctly this time.
I want to add another formula and I need help!!
The formula posted below is the formula that I just added to my workbook. This one works perfectly. I decided to add another measure and I am not sure how.

Here is what I have and what the 12 Monthly spreadsheets basically look like:

9   A          B        E           G        H       I       J       K    ....   AK
10  Sector     Market   Totals      1        2       3       4       5   .....   31

13  Energy     Crude    500         100      200     -75     450    -175
14  Currency   Euro     300         200      250     -150   -100     100 

Row 10 is Column Headings. G10:AK10 are days of the month
E13 = Sum(G13:AK13). This is the same format through E61 = sum(G61:AK61)

With that said, here is the formula that I found works:

=SUMPRODUCT(SUMIF(INDIRECT("'"&Months&"'!b10:b61"),$B4, INDIRECT("'"&Months&"'!e10:e61")))

This gave me the total $ amount from all 12 months for the individual markets.

This is what I am trying to add to my summary sheet:

&Months& = the list of 12 tabs, Jan - Dec
B10:B61 = where the market names are searched (not sure how to say this)
B4 = market name from my Summary page that I am searching for. (i.e. Crude in this example)
B5 = Euro in the example (Cell reference would change for each market name)

If the formula finds Crude in B13, then I want to Count the number of positive days (> 0) in corresponding cells G13:AK13. In the scenario above, the answer would be 3.
I want to add all 12 months together and come up with total # of Winning days for each of the 46 markets. (And total # of Losing days).
If there is no entry, then I don't want to count it.

I am not trying to get Dollar amounts here. I am looking for a count of winning days and losing days. I am guessing I would just have to change >0 to <0 in the formula for losing days.

I hope this makes sense and somebody can help me. I only have a basic understanding of the 1st formula. What I want to do here has me scratching my head!!

Can anybody help?? Thank you!!


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