Copying graph links from excel to ppt

Microsoft Excel 2007
January 7, 2010 at 03:14:53
Specs: Windows XP

I had to make some graphs in an excel sheet already containing some graphs. So I copied the previous graphs and just changed the data ranges (because the new graphs were similar just for different month so data was different). Now I want to copy these graphs to a ppt and when I try to copy the links of these graphs to the ppt, the old link is getting updated. How can I change this to get newer links in the graphs?

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January 7, 2010 at 05:04:17
What do you mean by "the old link is getting updated"?

Could you explain what you are doing (and trying to do) in a little more detail?

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January 7, 2010 at 06:10:03

Were the previous graphs linked to the PowerPoint file. If so did you delete the previous graphs in PPT, or did you keep them, and now want them to point to the new graphs.


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January 7, 2010 at 09:39:50
@DerbyDad03: Basically when I am putting the new graph into the ppt, and update it...the old graph (the one whcih I had copied and changed data ranges from) is getting updated in the ppt now.. does that make it clear..? or else I can explain more..if I am not being clear..
@Humar: yes the previous graphs are also linked to other ppt I cant delete them..I want basically new graphs to be there in the new ppt pages..and then when I update those new pages in ppt..only the updated version of new graphs get updated instead of old graphs...
basically the problem is that..because I copied the old graphs and then changed the data ranges to get new graphs...the link to which new graphs are pointing are the same as old basically how can that be changed..

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January 7, 2010 at 15:23:26

I am still not clear on the series of events.

I did the following:
1. Created a graph in Excel. The graph was shown as Chart 1 (hold Ctrl key down and right-click on Chart and see the name above cell A1)
2. Copied the graph to PPT using Paste-Link
3. In Excel I copied the graph and pasted it into the same worksheet. The graph is shown as Chart 2
4. I changed the series in Chart 2 to a new set of data, but all the rest is identical, titles, axis labels colors etc.
5. I copied Chart 2 and pasted it into a new slide in PPT using Paste-Link.

Looking at the 2 slides in PPT, both charts look the same (chart type, titles, colors), but show different data.

Back in Excel I updated data in a series used in Chart 1 and data in a series used in Chart 2.
In PPT both charts showed the new (different) data.

I then updated the data for Chart 2 but left the data for Chart 1 the same.
In PPT Chart 2 showed the updated data and Chart 1 was unchanged

In PPT Menu - Edit - Links - there are two links showing - both to the same Workbook & Worksheet, one ending in Chart 1 and the other ending in Chart 2

This sequence of events works as expected.

Can you identify what you did differently.


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January 8, 2010 at 01:25:50
Hi Humar,

Were you working on excel 2007...cause i have done everything same as what you have done but in my case when I update the chart 2 it gets changed to chart 1..automatically..
as in I will give u sequence of events in my case..

I paste Chart 2 from excel to Page 2 in ppt..[assume page 1 has chart 1, page 2 has chart 2] when i do an update gets updated to chart 1 only ..
when I do {CTRL+Z}>..the chart is if I had pasted chart 1 only and not chart 2..

and moreover:
Lets say on an excel worksheet..there is a graph1..I copy and paste it on same sheet to graph 2 and graph 3..and then change the data ranges for graph 2 and 3..
now lets say I copy g1 (Graph 1) to s1 (sheet 1) in ppt..and g2 to s2 in when I click on g3 in excel and do a [ctrl + c]..and then go back to ppt..I see that g2 has got changed to g1..(without even clicking on update link)..
this may be a problem with office I have 2007... r u also using the same version..

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January 9, 2010 at 12:37:11

I tried this with Excel 2007 and PPT 2007 and everything worked OK.

In PPT what do you see in Links. To show the links, click the Office button, then PowerPoint Options at the bottom.
Select Customized in the left side pane.
Under the All Commands in the left hand drop down
Select Edit Links to Files and Click Add to add it to the Quick Access toolbar.
Click OK
Select the links 'chain' icon from the quick access toolbar.

There should be two links - one for each linked graph. Are the links the same or different - and what Chart numbers do they show.
In Excel 2007. When your copy the first graph, and change the data it uses, what happens when you click on each graph - are different ranges of cells surrounded by a colored line for each one.


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