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February 27, 2017 at 19:18:16
Specs: Windows 10
Hi. I have a number of Worksheets all containing action items. I want to make one worksheet for each staff member, which copies each row from all worksheets were a task is assigned to them and the due date is today.
It will add those rows into JESS'S ACTION TODAY worksheet. I will provide more information. Just tell me what you need. Does this have to be a Macro? or can this be achieved with a Formula? I dont know how to write Macros'. I can Copy and paste a Macro straight in. thank you

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February 28, 2017 at 00:19:37
Hi Jessie,

This seems possible, however we will need to know the layout of your workbook. Please use the PRE tags to show us how your workbook is laid out or PM me and I will give you an email address to send it to (to PM me, click on my username, then when my profile appears, click on my username again at the top of the page in white text).

A few questions

1) Will each person have their own workbook (not worksheet) an and when they open it will it need to fetch their actions from a master workbook somewhere?

2) Will the users be using the workbook on the same network, for example will they only be using these workbooks at work, or do they open them at home or at remote sites?

I have setup something similar to this requirement at my place of work. Basically, we have actions for a number of people, these actions are updated to a master workbook by managers. Each manager will insert actions onto worksheets which are fore each of their staff.

EG: We will have a worksheet for Ben, John, Kelly, Kate, Jason etc

Managers will add actions in per person.

Now when Kate comes to work and opens her workbook, it fetches all her new actions from the master workbook and appends it to her locally saved workbook.

This is one way of achieving it but we need to know, exactly how you want your setup to work. Please provide some step by step information on how you currently assign tasks, how many workbooks you have, how to users access the workbooks, are you sending them copies or do they open it from a shared area?

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