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July 15, 2010 at 11:54:10
Specs: Windows Vista
I have a warehouse program i built from excel.
What I am trying to do is take the qty from the
PICK TICKET sheet and deduct it from the
OUTBOUND sheet. Everything i have is in
rows, example:

(OUTBOUND sheet)

Item # Product Qty Location
10010 A 35.5 B29
10253 B 9.5 A19
10104 C 23 B3
10100 D 6 A5
10130 E 11 B11
10131 F 30 C30
10105 G 36 B19
10290 H 23.5 A30
10281 I 29 A36
10295 J 4 A9
10133 K 22 C29
10258 L 20 B10
10112 M 13 A6

Row 2 has "10010" "A" "35.5" "B29" in
columns A through D with E storing the date.
F through AJ holds the deduction per
transaction. I need to be able to find the next
empty cell in the products row and paste the
qty to deduct from the PICK TICKET sheet. I
am also using a filter on the OUTBOUND
sheet. Each Item has a unique location.

Thx in advance

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July 17, 2010 at 09:49:34

Is this the sequence:
1. New data added to a worksheet named "PICK TICKET"
2. The New data includes a Product Item #, and a quantity
3. Do a lookup on the worksheet named "OUTBOUND"
4. Find the row on "OUTBOUND" that contains the Product Item #
5. Find the first empty cell on that Product Item # row
6. Copy the quantity from "PICK TICKET" to this empty cell.

A. Is there only one "PICK TICKET" worksheet or are there multiple 'pick tickets'
B. If multiple how are they identified
C. Where are the Product Item # and quantity on the "PICK TICKET" worksheet
C1. Are they always on the same row, or are rows added/changed on the "PICK TICKET"
C2. Which cells contain the two items or if rows change, which columns are they in
D. What will initiate the update from a pick list to the "OUTBOUND" worksheet
E1. What is the the deduction per transaction. Do the cells in column AJ contain formulas. if so what are they.
E2. Is there a possibility that the use of the 'next' empty cell will reach column AJ - if it did what would need to happen.



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July 20, 2010 at 10:08:48

The sequence is correct. But I sort from product location not item number. I can have multiple same items in the warehouse. I can't have multiple locations. So your line number 4 in your sequence should read, Find the row on "OUTBOUND" that contains the Warehouse location. And I use locations like A3, B3, C3, A5, etc.

I only have one PICK TICKET worksheet

I fill the same PICK TICKET out every time. What I do is I type the item number and the quantity. I use a vlookup and index to lookup the item description and the next warehouse location to pull product from. I then process the order and I have that codedin a macro to clear the PICK TICKET and store the data in variables. (warehouse location only as of now) Then it filters the OUTBOUND worksheet by location from the PICK TICKET data and hides everything else. Then I have to manually type in the quantity to deduct. This is where I'm stuck. I don't care if it does not filter as long as it automatically deducts the right product from the right location from the OUTBOUND worksheet.

I always start the pick ticket at A2 for item number, C2 for qty, and D2 for location. I just work my way down if i have more then one product.

AJ does not have formulas buy AK does. I can always move them farther right if i need to. Next could hit that cell but i could just move all the data thats in AK way to the right of anything.

Hope i answered everything.


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